RACING INFO: Class Structure

AKA is announcing a new racing class structure for 2014.  This was done to make it simple for new racers to decide on the appropriate class; facilitate drivers from other tracks racing at the AKA; and finally make it much easier for AKA drivers to participate at other local tracks.

Only classes with enough participants will run on a weekly basis. Officials reserve the right to combine classes as deemed necessary.

All first time drivers must wear a LARGE X on the back of their helmet.

All AKA minors must supply a birth certificate copy to be kept on file for insurance purposes.

If 3 or more karts show up to race in a specific class, we will run that class.

Championship trophies or plaques will be awarded to the top point drivers in each class at the year end banquet.
NOTE: to be eligible for year end awards you must be an AKA member and compete in 50% of the scheduled points events.

The Rookie class will not compete for points; however, will be eligible for year end awards.

Subject to change
Class Age Weight Motor(s)
Plate Special
5-7 225  Flathead & LO206
Purple (0.425”) for Flathead and Purple slide for LO206
4:1 Gear Ratio/Open Clutch/Pump Gas for both Motors
7-10 250 Flathead & LO206  Purple (0.425”) for Flathead and Purple slide for LO206
Open Clutch/Pump Gas for LO206 only
10-12 285 Flathead & LO206 
Turquoise (0.500”) for Flathead and Turquoise slide
 Open Clutch/Pump gas for LO206 only
JR2 Gold
12-15 300  Flathead Gold (.575)  N/A
SR LO206
15-up 385 LO206
Unrestricted Pump Gas/Drum Clutch
Sr Light 15-up 325 Flathead Unrestricted N/A
SR Heavy
15-up 375 Flathead Unrestricted  N/A
Note * Classes listed may be combined to race at the discretion of the Designated Race Official
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