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In an effort to increase kart count we are looking for your commitment to race with us in 2013.  We want you to join us every week so we all have large classes to race in.   We understand that nobody want to commit to racing if there is nobody to race with so with that said we are asking for a 100% refundable pre-payment of  of 7 race day race fees  for 2013.  We ask for 7 because that is 1 more than 1/2 the races and that the requirement for year end awards.

The pre-payment amount is $154.00 (Members) and $175 (Non-Members) your pre-payed race day fees will be applied to the 1st 7 races in 2013. Pit Passes will still need to be purchased each race day. $8.00 (Members) and $10.00 (Non-Members).

Please compete the form below and send your check to the AKA (address below). As we receive pre-payments by class we will post them on the website.

Adirondack Karting Association Inc.
P.O. Box 2204 Ballston Spa, NY 12020

* Required

Rookie Animal (5-7)
Rookie Flathead (5-7)
Jr 1 Flathead (7-10)
Jr 1 Animal (7-10)
Jr 1 Champ (8-10)
Jr 2 Flathead (10-12)
Jr 2 Animal (10-12)
Jr 2 Champ (10-12)
Jr Animal (12-15)
Jr Flathead (12-15)
Jr Champ (12-14)
Sr. Flathead Medium
Sr. Flathead Heavy
Sr. Flathead Super Heavy
Sr. Animal Medium
Sr. Animal Heavy
Sr. Animal Super Heavy
Sr Champ

3 pre-paid karts in my class(es)
4 pre-paid karts in my class(es)
5 pre-paid karts in my class(es)

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