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Useful Documents and Forms:
Nominations Form
Printable form for nominating a board officer and/or mailing in your proxy vote.

Membership Form
Printable form for becoming a member of the Adirondack Karting Association.
Can be mailed or presented at registration.

Sponsorship Form
Printable form for becoming a sponsor of AKA.

Protest Form
This is a form that must be used in the event of a race protest.

Technical Documentation
Clutch Rebuild Sheet (PDF)
A sheet for recording clutch information.

Gear Ratio Chart (PDF)
A sheet for recording clutch information.

Kart Setup Sheet (PDF)
Basic kart setup sheet to record all your race day information.

Lap Time Recording Sheet (PDF)
Lap time recording sheet that also has kart setup recording spaces.

Sparkplug Master Cross Reference Chart (XLS)
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet from NGK Sparkplugs that is a master cross reference chart that is sortable by every aspect of a plug you can think of.
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