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The race results and standings are usually updated within 2 days after a race. 

2014 Race Finishes: 2014 Race Finishes

2014 Point Standings:  2014 Points

2014 AKA Arrive and Drive Results: 2014 Arrive n Drive

Congratulations to our 2014 Lap Record Holders!

2014 Lap Record Holders:
Rookie - Evan Podbielski 12.08 sec

Jr2 Blue - Anthony Caropreso 11.17 sec

Jr2 Gold - Nick Nielsen 10.81 sec

Open Class - Curtis Lamere 11.14 sec

LO206 - Mindi Modiano 10.85 sec

2014 Class Champions:
Jr2 Blue - Anthony Caropresso
Jr2 Gold - Evan Karl
SR LO206 - Todd Wetzel

... also special recognition to our "drivers of the future" in the Rookie class:
Evan Podbielski

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